• Q: Can I leave the club and come back in?

    A: Unfortunately, no. This is a one-time entrance ticket and you should only be leaving the venue at the end of the evening!

  • Q: Is there security present?

    A: Yes! All venues we use employ the highest level of security. Upon entry all patrons will be subject to a friendly pat down. Many uniformed stewards are inside and monitor the venue throughout the night.

  • Q: Is Be-at open every day?

    A: No, we are only open on dates specified on our front page/calendar.

  • Q: What time does Be-at open?

    A: In most cases we open at 7pm.

  • Q: What time does Be-at close?

    A: Usually around 11:00pm. In some cases 11:30pm.

  • Q: How old do I have to be to attend Be-at?

    A: You must be between the ages of 14-18 to attend. In rare cases 13-18. Check the flyer/event page for more information!

  • Q: I'm 14 and I'm just starting High School, can I attend?

    A: Yes! As long as you are 14 and can prove it, you're okay!

  • Q: I'm 13 and want to go to Be-at, can I?

    A: Unfortunately not for all of them, check out our flyers/events page for more information on each specific event!

  • Q: When will the pictures and video be up?

    A: Our photographers take pride in the pictures they take. Once the night is over they usually edit the photos and fix colors, levels, etc.  Once completed they will send them to us and they will be up!  It may take 1-3 days to get the pictures up. Video maybe 4-5 days.

  • Q: How often do you have events?

    A: Once a month – keep checking our website for details of each event.

  • Q: Is there any alcohol present at Be-at?

    A: No alcohol is present

  • Q: No alcohol? What drinks can I buy at Be-at?

    A: We have cool drinks and water on sale.

  • Q: Do you serve food?

    A: Yes, food can be purchased at the Be-at event – there will be hot dogs and burgers on sale.